Welcome! Welcome!
Welcome to our wedding gift shop with a difference. Congratulations on making it this far.

As we have said, we really do not expect any gifts from anyone, but if you would really like to we've developed this one stop shop to make it really easy for you to contribute to our ultimate goal of buying a bigger house.

Buy us a Brick! is set up like any normal online shop with the only difference being that the products are virtual. Browse through the products as you would normally and just add them to your basket. You can then checkout and pay by Paypal or credit or debit card through our secure server (no need to worry about anyone stealing your details). The only slight difference to the usual shop system is you won't actually receive a brick, or a door, or a letterbox, which is probably quite a good thing.

We hope you enjoy your virtual shopping experience and thank you so much for taking part. We look forward to seeing you in July!
New Products For August
Buy us a Brick!